Substance Abuse, Drug and Alcohol Rehab Lansing

People seeking addiction treatment in Lansing need a comfortable and supportive environment equipped with the latest research on health and wellness. The alcohol treatment center in Lansing provides short and long-term treatment services for patients that need drug and alcohol rehab, substance abuse treatment programs, and other related forms of care.

At the drug rehab Lansing, Alliance MD’s medical professionals help patients create individualized and comprehensive treatment plans. Detox services are important, but so is the process of learning coping mechanisms for abusive behavior, mental health principles, and other personal therapies that address a patient’s wellness, as well as their addiction.

Payments at Alliance MD alcohol rehab in Lansing work on a sliding fee scale so that patients can receive the care they need without hospitalization or health insurance. No matter your income level, the Alliance MD rehab centers in Lansing are devoted to creating an individualized recovery plan for you or a family member that treats the whole person.

Treatment Types Available in Lansing Rehab Centers

Drug and alcohol rehab center Lansing offers various out-patient services for people in the Lansing area. No health insurance or hospitalization is required to see Alliance MD doctors.

Our treatment programs focus on individualized services that use researched techniques and personalized therapy plans to create and keep goals for substance abuse recovery. No two addictions are identical, and we focus on getting to the root of the problem so that patients can find lasting solutions to their substance use issues.

This includes problems with heroin, alcohol, opioids, and any other addictive substances. Though the drugs differ, our approach to patients remains consistently focused on providing them and their families with individualized counseling and treatment plans.

Continue reading for a breakdown of the major services offered by the Alliance MD drug, alcohol, and substance abuse treatment centers in Lansing.

Lansing Alcohol Rehab Center

Entire families get involved when someone has an alcohol abuse problem that negatively impacts their health. This is why Lansing drug and alcohol rehab includes counseling and mental health therapy.

Alcohol addiction treatment focuses on the whole patient through a collaboration between Alliance MD doctors, patients, and their families. Patient history is often as important as current behavior to understanding a substance use problem and how it can be managed.

Providing a safe environment free of distraction is one of the Lansing alcohol treatment center’s main goals. Making patients feel comfortable and dignified has proven benefits on recovery time.

Addiction withdrawal is a messy business, which is why learning how addictions form and what coping mechanisms exist to help improve behavior can solidify treatment into a more effective program. Personalized counseling sessions, as well as workshops in groups, help patients find the type of therapy support that works best for treating their unique disorders.

Lansing Drug Rehab Center

Drug treatment programs encompass many substances and lifestyles. The main focus is on creating individual recovery regimens that help patients understand their condition and give them the sense of purpose required to beat it.

Medical detoxification at the drug rehab center Lansing involves a combination of expertise from Alliance MD medical professionals and counseling for patients and families. Identifying the root emotional causes of addiction can provide valuable information needed to find a permanent solution.

This includes not only coping mechanisms for current addiction but also a plan for relapse prevention. These strategies, augmented by peer and family support, are the cornerstone of drug treatment center in Lansing.

Quitting drugs cold turkey is often not a healthy option and has a proven track record of relapse. Drug rehab in Lansing eliminates distractions so that the medical help you receive can take hold gradually. The care you receive will be as much in quitting and managing withdrawal symptoms as in coming up with a strategy to deal with the possibility of relapses.

Drug rehab is never easy, but Alliance MD works to make sure that you don’t have to do it alone.

Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Substance abuse therapy focuses on three main factors: medical attention, peer support, and aftercare. Usually, those who need more than normal drug and alcohol therapy have to be admitted longer for more serious addictions, often involving opioids. Medical treatment for this addiction can be more invasive, but it’s necessary in order to get people out of their destructive cycle and start on the road to recovery.

Suboxone is a commonly used medication that can be used in medication-assisted substance use treatment. Lansing drug rehab centers sometimes treat drug addiction with suboxone when conventional therapies won’t be enough.

Peer support involves the mental health aspects of seeking help for drug abuse. Often, uprooting anxieties and trauma with doctors and peers can alleviate some of the mental dependency on drugs by reducing anxiety and depression and increasing feelings of wellness and confidence.

Aftercare is required to help addiction treatment stick even after rehab is over. Preventing relapses with behavioral modification therapy, talk therapy, and cognitive coping mechanisms is an essential part of completing rehab at the drug treatment center in Lansing.

With the help of medical professionals, peers, and family members, regaining your health from drug and alcohol addiction is possible.

Payment Options

You may be wondering how to pay for these treatments. Alliance MD centers like the one in Lansing offer outpatient services to those that need them. Hospitalization and health insurance are not required to get help for drug abuse problems.

Payment for therapy is calculated on a sliding fee scale, which means that the services can cost less for those with lower income. Alliance MD wants to give everyone the best chance for successful treatment. Not only are the drug rehab and mental health plans personalized, but the payment plans are based on an individual’s needs as well.

Help starts by contacting the Lansing rehab clinic through Alliance MD. The ideal treatment plan for substance abuse, alcohol, or drug rehab is out there for those willing to listen to medical professionals and mentally and physically commit to their personalized treatment plan. If you’re looking for a recovery facility in Lansing, visit our Highland, Dyer, Munster, and Schererville centers, of which Alliance MD delivers the new and most innovative treatments to stay sober.