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Alcohol & Substance Use Disorders

Alcohol & Substance abuse


At Alliance MD we strive to help people overcome Alcohol, Cigarette smoking, Cocaine, Methamphetamines, Marijuana use and multiple other substance dependency problems.

Alcohol is one of the most commonly sold and consumed substances in the world, literally embedded into the substructure of our modern society. However, alcohol abuse is as common as alcohol across every state in not just America but also across the globe.

  • Alcohol kills a little over 95,000 Americans every year. However, among the 15 million individuals suffering from an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), less than 8% receive treatment.


  • It has been the cause of numerous cases of public violence, violence in homes and families, maltreatment of children and spouses, and numerous cases of accidents across states.


  • Most often, alcohol is consumed along with marijuana usage to become a truly addicting combination. Alcohol and marijuana together, known as a “crossfade,” increases alcohol impairment and speeds up the absorption of THC into the body. This often accelerates dependency and most often pushes you toward opioids and other substance abuse.


The most common problem with alcohol usage is that it affects individuals across age-groups and, many a time, leads to an increase accidents and deviant behavior, especially among teenagers and young adults.


Substance abuse affects individuals across various levels of society—children, professionals in high-pressure working environments, veterans, and women. Moreover, it leads to a whole host of continuing issues, including financial drainage and impairment, mental illness, and an increase in the risk of suicides, especially among young women.


At Alliance MD, we seek to help individuals and families suffering from alcohol and substance abuse disorders and offer them a safe environment where they can cleanse, refresh themselves, and eventually acclimate to society and restart their lives. Let us together take this journey to help you regain your health in mind & body !