Addiction Treatment Center


Substance Abuse, Alcohol, and Drug Treatment Center

Alliance MD provides comprehensive care for individuals and families who struggle with substance abuse. Our goal is to help individuals overcome their substance use problems and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our alcohol and drug treatment centers give people space to learn healthy coping techniques so they can live a life of sobriety.
Alliance MD is comprised of addiction management physicians and Nurse Practitioners, counselors, pain management specialists, and psychiatric services. All of our staff and services use cutting edge approach to help patients become sober. By coordinating with referring physicians, Alliance MD helps individuals overcome their dependencies and get back to the life they want.
Know that substance abuse is not the end of the story. Create the life you want and overcome your dependency with the help of Alliance MD.

Alcohol Treatment Center

Alcohol dependency is a serious issue that millions deal with regularly. Here at Alliance MD, we recognize that alcohol addiction is a problem for both the individual and their families. We believe that the best way to help these individuals and their families is to encourage patients to stay away from alcohol and recognize its dangers. Alliance MD is an alcohol treatment center that helps patients learn a healthier way of living and get back to a life of sobriety.
We help patients by giving them information about living sober and the dangers of alcohol addiction. Our goal is to help patients understand that alcohol dependency is harmful to themselves and their family, and implement strategies to overcome their difficulties.
Alliance MD provides a safe and helpful environment for those looking to break their alcohol dependency. We provide care and support services for our patients to learn how to stay away from alcohol and live soberly. With years of experience in alcohol treatment, Alliance MD provides experienced and professional care for alcohol dependency.

Don’t let the past define your present and future. Make a decision for a new beginning with support and treatment from Alliance MD.

● Alcohol Treatment Center – Munster
● Alcohol Treatment Center – Michigan City

Drug Treatment Center

The road to overcoming dependency is not easy, our providers are highly experienced in the field of addiction. By creating individual treatment plans that include:

● Realistic – Reachable Goals
● Education
● Counseling
● Coping Methods
● Learning what triggers are and how to avoid them
● Monitored use of Medications
● Support
● Compassionate Care
● Providing confidential care in clinical setting
● Making sure patient is health issues are addressed
● Making sure patients mental health issues are addressed
● Breaking the stigma of addiction
● Educating families and communities
● Making alternative plans for pain control

Through medication assisted treatment or MAT our patients sustain from going through withdrawal and the medication gives the patient the ability to focus on counseling and recovery. Under our care, several things will happen. The individual will need to be treated as a whole, with consideration for other medical problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes etc. along with mental health needs. The patient can work on mending broken relationships, setting goals, building trust, maintain employment and start regaining control of their lives. Under our care, the patient will learn about the pathology of addiction and how the brain works. Patients will learn what triggers their craving for opioid use and coping methods to refrain from using. This treatment will also allow the patient to put a support system in place. Once these areas have been addressed successfully the patient may then start to gradually decrease medication dosage slowly so that they may be able to maintain those areas where they have regained control.

Alliance MD

Why waste one more moment when you could be getting the help you deserve? Contact Alliance MD today to start on your road to recovery and sobriety.