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Narcotic Dependency

  Narcotic dependency and opioid use disorder, has plagued the US for decades. Here are some statistics to bring things into perspective:
  • There have 700k drug overdose deaths in the US since 2000.
  • The federal government has sanctioned $35B toward drug control by 2020.
  • 19.4% people in the US have used illicit drugs at least once.
Damage due to dependency on narcotics has widespread and far-reaching effects on not just your health but also on your finances, relationships, sometimes even your job. Recreational and occasional usage does not really create much of a problem apart from overdoses and dangerous impulsive behavior. However, sustained use has extensive effects on the balance and structure of a person’s life, systematically dismantling it. To throw this further into the light:  
  • In the last year itself, 22% of males and 17% of females have used illegal drugs or misused prescription drugs.
  • The drug use is highest among persons between the ages 18–25 (39%) compared to people aged 26–29 (34%).
  Narcotics involves the use of opium its derivatives, including the synthetic versions. Addiction to prescription drugs including Vicodin, Hydrocodone, Dilaudid, Hydromorphone, Percocet, etc., has become prevalent.  The street names all over the US vary—from Oxycontin, Smack, Horse, and Mud to OX, Oxycotton, and Sippin Syrup. Whichever name they are known, they have been similarly responsible for the destruction of numerous families and lives. The sale of narcotics and the dependency on them have also led to an increase in the number of crimes and instances of violence.   To combat this and to provide a safe haven for those who wish to turn their lives around, Alliance MD aims to provide the vital support needed by individuals and families to have the opportunity to turn their life around by providing an out-patient-based treatment process. Connect with us today!