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Opioid & Heroin Addiction

Opioid & Heroin Addiction

Opioid and Heroin abuse has been a menace to the lives of many Americans across the country. From young to old alike, it poisons a person’s life and takes its toll on them till they become a shell of themselves. The effects can be seen across all levels of society. Let us look at a few stats to quantify these statements:

  • 2 million Americans, or 24.7% of the population with drug disorders, have an opioid disorder. This definitely includes prescription “pain killers” and heroin).


  • The number of people introduced to heroin usage every year is 117,000.


  • The most common type of substance abuse exposure reported to poison control centers is illegally used or misused prescription opioids (nearly 284,000 cases of exposure).


  • In 2017 itself, 67.8% of the 70,237 drug-overdose deaths were due to opioid-related usage, out of which 15,482 were heroin-related.


  • 505,000 veterans misuse prescription pain killers as compared to the 59,000 who use heroin. This places them in the at-risk category. Needless to say, it devastates the families of these once-proud soldiers of the country.


  • A total of 9 million women had a prescription opioid abuse problem as compared to the 292,000 who were using heroin.

Opioid and Heroin dependencies are one of the most difficult to get rid of because of the damage they do to not only your physical body but also your mind and lifestyle—physical dependency, psychological dependency, and emotionally and socially needy behavior.

At Alliance MD, we understand that each of our patients is an individual with his or her own set of problems, concerns, and goals. Therefore, we offer an individually customized treatment plan to meet their needs and restore that much-needed balance in their lives. Find out about a tailored plan for yourself or your loved one now!